Saturday, June 18, 2011

Major Don'ts and Do In Mens Formal Shirts

Applying fashion to formal outfit is very challenging yet interesting task. Formal wear are usually considered as non fashionable outfit and if it is for men than trousers, formal shirts and ties are basic assets. Lets discuss in men formal shirts named to plain, light shades and fitted shirts. What you expecting from fashion in it?
Basically mens formal shirts are "one-fits-all" kind of apparel. Office, jobs, interview, wedding, funeral and everywhere- it is counts in outfits without whom men cannot make its personality worthy, and therefore it is important to know in which culture aspect you are going to wear it , you must have knowledge of what considered as stylish and border "sacrilege" in men's clothing !

1. Check the company policies, they may restrict certain colors in your formal shirts
2. Avoid floral prints.
3. Select basic pattern of lines ad blocks that are available in wide ranges.
4. Select designs of shirts wisely. They can be irritating rather being impressive
5. Do not mismatch the shirt and trouser color.
6. Get shirt of proper fitting. Do not stuck to too tight or loose shirts
7. Avoid mismatch combination of shirt with tie.
8. Select proper cuffs. French cuffs, fold back cuffs are best choice in men formal shirts.
9. White is considered as best color in formal wears.
10. Iron your outfit properly.


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